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Why choose a Catholic school over a public school?

Disappointed with how your child improved academically over the school year?  Are you saddened by your child not having friends at school?  Do you have higher expectations for your child?  A Catholic school is an excellent choice for children.  In western Kenosha County there are many fine public schools.  Providence Catholic and St. Alphonsus provide…


St. Alphonsus School is a small, rural, Catholic elementary school, which consist of grades K-8 and preschool for ages 3-4. We have a long history as a successful institution for the education of young children, and are always striving to to be the best we can be. Our curriculum consists of all the basic classes: mathematics, english, reading, science, social studies, separate phonics and spelling classes, as well as religion, gym, music, computer and Spanish classes throughout the week. Learn more